We understand that you and your family may have a lot of questions about how you will cover your expenses while at UCLA. Our website is designed to provide you with information about the financial aid process and a variety of programs that will help you make your UCLA education affordable.  

If you have been impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and need additional information about the resources available to you at UCLA, refer to our COVID-19 FAQ below or send us a message via Message Center. Additional information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is also available via the UCLA Newsroom



  • How does taking all Pass/No Pass (P/NP) Courses affect my financial aid
    *If all classes are passed (P), you will not be impacted

    *If only one course is passed (P) but you have attended and received a non-passing (NP) grade for the other courses, you will not be billed as well

    *For students on SAP, please note your GPA will not be calculated on a P/NP grading scale. Therefore, you will be maintaining your grade point average (GPA) calculation and aid will not be suspended

    *If students received all Non Passing (NP) grades, students may be subject to a bill similar to receiving all F's

  • On Campus Housing: If you intend to live on campus during 2020-2021, read our Financial Aid and Housing Info Sheet to understand how your Financial Aid may be adjusted

  • UCLA Impact Grant: If you did not qualify for the Need-Based CARE Grant or have additional COVID-19 related expenses that were not covered by the Universal or Need-Based Grant, you can request a UCLA Impact Grant by submitting the Summer CARES Appeal Form. Funding is subject to availability. If you are a graduate student, please submit your appeal directly to gdsupport@grad.ucla.edu. 

  • CARES Act Unemployment Benefits Information: For additional information about unemployment insurance available to students visit the Work Study Page

  • Can I make an appointment? You can set up a phone appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor by calling our office at 310-206-0400

  • Projected Income Appeals: If the Expected Family Contribution on your Student Aid Report is 0, submitting a projected year income appeal for students/parents will not further decrease your EFC. Given that zero is the lowest EFC number, you have been offered the maximum amount of Financial Aid available.  

  • Students can authorize third-party access to their financial aid information via MyUCLA under "Settings"

  • The Summer Session Estimated Financial Aid Calculator is now available. For more information visit the Summer Information Section of our Website.

Manage Your Aid

Use MyUCLA to manage your financial aid information. MyUCLA provides access to the status of your financial aid file and required documentation, applications for summer aid and scholarship applications.

Walk in services are not currently available. Visit the Contact Us section of our webpage for alternate contact methods.

We are available virtually from 9am-4pm Monday through Friday