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Our Staff

Financial Aid and Scholarships Staff Information

The Financial Aid and Scholarships staff is available at the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office located in Murphy Hall A129J. Counselors may also be reached by phone at:

 (310) 206-0400  

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Counseling and Outreach

The role of the counseling unit is to provide guidance to students and families about their financial aid packages. The counseling unit also handles some of the more technical aspects of financial aid such as reviewing taxes, appeals, and other special circumstances.

  • Morgan Quijano
    Assistant Director
    Counseling and Customer Service
  • Leonie Thomas
    Alpha A-BU
  • Belen Estrella
    Alpha BV-DOT
  • Edgar Martinez
    Alpha DOU-HAM
  • Carla Rutledge
    Alpha HAN-KIT
  • Emmanuel Fojas
    Alpha KIU-MB
  • Jan Hastings
    Alpha MC-PAQ
  • Anh Vuong
    Alpha MC-PAQ
  • Dana Tate
    Alpha PAR-SAL
  • Gustavo Sanchez
    Alpha TRB-ZZZ
  • Linda Lopez
    Outreach Coordinator

Service Counter

The role of the service counter is to provide excellent customer service to our students via our walk in service counter, our phone lines, as well as electronically through the financial aid email system. The service counter also reviews revisions to student accounts such as housing changes and budget add on requests.

  • Jennifer Fernandez
    Counter Staff Supervisor
  • Magdalena Chavez
    Advisor for Alpha
  • Jessica Iniguez
    Advisor for Alpha
  • Jessica Maldonado
    Advisor for Alpha
  • Jennifer Bolden
    Advisor for
    Alpha LF-RIOS


The role of the scholarships unit is to award in house scholarships and act as liaisons for special programs such as Jackie Robinson Foundation, Gates Millennium, TELECU, Alumni Scholarship, and National Merit.

  • Alejandra Ramirez
    Scholarships Unit Supervisor
  • Verona Nelson
    Scholarship Unit Advisor


The role of the Compliance unit is to ensure that Financial Aid and Scholarships is operating in accordance to the guidelines set forth by university and federal policies. The compliance unit also reviews items such as student satisfactory academic progress, and withdrawals.

  • Bre Compton
    Assistant Director of
    Compliance and Training
  • Nancy Garcia
    Compliance Officer
  • Laura Rivera
    Compliance Officer
  • Cynthia Mancilla
    Compliance Officer
  • Justin Ko
    NCAA Compliance Officer

Document Management

The role of Document Management is to collect and organize all paperwork submitted by students, and have these documents uploaded to the students account. UCLA has elected to use a “paperless” process when filing documents, and Document Management is responsible for the timely review and uploading of all documents.

  • Brian Brown
    Document Supervisor
  • Ruben Garcia
    Document Assistant
  • Violet Banks
    Document Assistant

Work Study/ Cal Grant/ Pell Grant

The role of the Cal Grant/Pell Grant/Work Study Unit is to review and confirm student eligibility for each program including reconciliation for all awards with the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) and federal Common Origination & Disbursement (COD). The unit also completes hiring paperwork and processes timesheets for UCLA's off-campus work study student population, as well as processing Financial Aid Transmittals awarded by Campus Departments. 

  • Catherine Staples
    Assistant Director for Cal Grant,
    Pell Grant and Work Study
  • Sandra Machuca
    Administrative Specialist
  • Theda Gill
    Administrative Specialist
  • Jackie Ly
    Administrative Specialist


The Management Team includes the Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships along with our Associate Directors and departmental managers. Management is responsible for the oversight of the daily operations in Financial Aid and Scholarships.

  • Ina Sotomayor
    Interim Director
  • Susan Dimotakis
    Associate Director
  • Catherine Staples
    Assistant Director
    Cal Grant, Pell Grant and Work Study
  • Brianne Compton
    Assistant Director
    Compliance and Training
  • Morgan Quijano
    Assistant Director
    Counseling and Customer Service
  • Carol Turpin
    Office Manager
    FATV provides quick video answers to common financial aid questions. Click on the image below to go to the full video library.

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