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2019-2020 School Year


CA Dream Act Guide
Updated 11/04/2018
FastChoice Private Lender List  Updated 11/04/2018
Financial Aid Handbook 
Updated 10/29/2018
Loan Guide for Undergraduate Students  Updated 11/06/2018
Loan Guide for Graduate Students   Updated 11/06/2018 
Preferred Private Lender List compiled by UC Office of the President  Updated 11/04/2018
Private Loan Guide Updated 11/06/2018 
Veteran's Benefits Guide
Updated 11/04/2018
Education Abroad Program (EAP) Guide
Summer Travel Guide  Updated 12/14/2018
Guide to Return of Title IV Aid   
Guide to your Financial Aid Notification (FAN)
Guide to your Provisional Award Notification (PAL)   
Guide to your Provisional Award Notification (PAL) for Dream Applicants   
Satisfactory Academic Progress Guide


2019-2020 Academic Year Appeal Forms

Name Post Date
Budget Increase Request          
Domestic Partner Form
Housing Adjustment Form             
Independent Petition
Late Financial Aid Application Appeal Form             
Petition for Re-Evaluation
Projected Year Income Petition - Parent
Projected Year Income Petition - Student 
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Packet            
Work Study Award Request Form
Work Study Employment Authorization Document Form


2018-2019 School Year

2018-2019 Academic Year Appeal Forms

2018 Summer


2018 Summer Appeal Forms
Name Post Date
SUMMER Budget Increase Request no longer available
SUMMER Petition for ReEvaluation no longer available
SUMMER Housing Adjustment Form no longer available
SUMMER Withdrawal Form   05/13/2018
SUMMER Late Application Appeal No longer available
SUMMER Enrollment Change Request no longer available
SUMMER Work-Study Award Request Form   no longer available